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A fresh new start

Assalamualaikum and hello readers.

It has been over the weeks since I last updated my blog. So 2014 already passed and became a memory to us. Last year has been the toughest year for me. I struggled with hardships a lot to make my life better. I don't have anything special wish for this new year. I just hope I will make people who loved me will be happy and I'll try to achieve more success in the future. I am unofficially 17 now since my birthday is not coming yet. As for now, I have to open my eyes & try to focus more on studies because I will sit for SPM examination this year. It's a major exam that will determine where our future leads. I'm scared at the same time but I want to make my parents proud and happy with my results and prove to them that I can be successful too.

High expectations of mom and dad put a lot of pressure on me. I know they really want to see me achieve a lot of success. It's just there a little bit in my mind that kept saying "what if I could not make it?" But as for now, I will try my best to make them happy. And I have packed schedules with extra classes, tuitions and marching practice. 2015 gonna be a busy and busier year just like two years ago. I try to balanced my co-curriculum activities with my studies. Mom once said to me "it's no use if you really good in co-curriculum activites but your academic achievement is a failure" I sense a bit that words is for me but I know mom said it to me because she want me to know how to balanced between co-curriculum and academic. 

Oh I typed a lot of random things here but yesterday my school had a registration day and I still in the same class. And what more shocking  is I became a new class president and I don't know whether I should be happy or not since this is my first time. But I'm will try my best to become a good class president and make my class better that before. So till here and I will update more later.